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Collision // 2016


Support // 2015


Bracelet // rawhide


Bracelet, daily support, is cut out of rawhide and stitched to fit.
It is designed to symbolically support the elbow and wrist.

Insight // 2015


Brooche // sterling silver


Brooche, insight, is constructed out of silver square tubes.
Inspired by surgical eye speculums the brooche is designed to
keep fabrics, like a blouse, open and offer an insight.

Fragments // 2014


Brooche // resin plaster, powder coated brass


Brooche, fragments, is composed by thin layers of resin plaster.

The added brass is powder coated and serves as a closing system.

Inspired by architectural structures found in Antwerp, Berlin,

Budapest, Tilburg and Vienna, fragments is available in five

different styles.

Annegret // 2013


Bracelet // patinated brass, cotton wire


Bracelet, annegret, is constructed of square tubes of brass
and cotton wire. The design is inspired by the photo-stitch
works of German visual artist Annegret Soltau.

Steel Tuft // 2013

Steel Tuft

‘Steel tuft’ is an earpiece developed with the technique of hand tufting, known

in the flooring industry to create soft pile rugs. The combination of technique

and use of material create a soft and flexible construction which adds

liveliness and emotion to a material which is normally referred to

as hard and cold.


‘Steel tuft’ was created for the 2014 Steel Prize competition, A Touch of Steel,

organized by the German Kolloquium Nordrhein Westfalen and the Royal

Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and received an honorable mention.

Earpiece // steel, tulle, cotton, wire


Earpiece, steel tuft, is a soft and flexible construction of longer

and smaller pieces of steel wire that are ‘tufted’ through a tule wire

to create a tangible and pleasant to the skin surface.

Confusion // 2012


Necklace // plastic


Necklace, confused, is composed from knotted and burned
straps of plastic. The design is part of parure and grows
and molds together as if it were a symbiotic organism.